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Challenges to make suitable jaw insert for tensile testing of wire strand exist for decades in material testing industry, because wire strand is completely different with other steels typically rebar, the wire strand has very high hardness on surface, this makes jaw inserts are easy to worn out if the jaw inserts are directly contacting wire strand for tensile test, besides, the wire strand is brittle, any damages caused by jaw inserts will lead the breakage of sample inside grips and the test is surely judged as invalid according to test standards, because of these charactristics on wire strand, there are several gripping methods exist in the market, but none of them are easy to use, mostly take a lot of time to put the sample inside grips and also complication of removing add-on, some of them are costly such as aluminum plates wrapping method, the test cycles are very low in efficiency, especially for quality control labs who have a lot of samples need to be finished.

With the aim to improve the operation efficiency for tensile test of wire strand, Univer engineers have developped new type of jaw inserts for wire strand, these jaw inserts make the grips are easy to use as well as extreme long service life, the test just like the typical test procedure as what we did for rebar, directly mount the wire strand inside grips and start the test immediately





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