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(UQG-1) Manual Abrasive Cutter

The UQG-1 Manual Abrasive Cutter features manual cutting action with best in class lighting, visibility and cut capacity.

UNIVER PULL-A Series Horizontal Tensile Testing Machine

UNIVER PULL-A Series Horizontal tensile testing machine is designed specifically for tensile testing of overhead conductors, these test frames use a horizontal test opening to accommodate long specimens and high elongation demands.

TOK3001 Torsion Testing Machine for Fasteners

UNIVER TOK-3001 Series Torsion Testing Machine is used to verify the suitability of high strength bolt/nut/washer assemblies for pre-loaded bolted connection in metallic structures.

3130 Flexural Testing Machine

Univer 3130 Series Flexural Testing Machine is specially designed to perform central loading test on concrete panel and third-point loading test on concrete beam, to measure the flexural toughness characters.

Univer TCK-BX Series Portable Wire Rope Tester

UNIVER TCK-BX Series Portable Wire Rope Tester is used to inspect the defects on wire ropes

CPJ-50 Series Charpy Notch Profile Projector

UNIVER CPJ-50 Charpy Notch Profile Projector is easy and straightforward device to inspect if the tolerance on Charpy U/V notched specimens within limit.

NOK-31 Notch Making Machine For Metals

Univer NOK-31 Notch Making Machine is specially designed to prepare specimen notch for Charpy impact test of metals

HDT/Vicat Tester

VKT-300 Series HDT/Vicat tester is used to determine the Heat Deflection Temperature or the Vicat Softening Point. All the specimens are charged with a constant load and immersed in a bath, where temperature is increased at a standard velocity.
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